Saturday, 30 May 2015

IT Health industry is advancing nowadays

IT industry nowadays is helping the health industry in improving the health habits of people. Just like any other business the it professional gather the information and data from various sources like doctors , patients and share them through internet so than any one access the information related to their problems. They have created many health portals on which people can share health related issues and get solutions and treatments. Other than this tracking the records of patient in files and paper is a difficult task. You cannot store the data for lifetime. So here is a solution of creating a database online. You can access it from anywhere and anytime. There are various health application also. If you are using a smart phone you can download an app and find all the health related tips according to your convenience. No doubt IT is a boon for this society.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Surrogacy- An alternative for childless couples

Technology has changed so much in this new era. Surrogacy is like a miracle for those childless couples who want their own new born babies. Nowadays there are various clinics who provide various alternatives for childless people. Surrogates are available in all the rates. In India surrogacy treatments are in demands. Many people from other countries are coming in our country to get affordable surrogates. Surrogacy the term itself means substitute and the meaning of surrogate mother is a person who carries or conceives the baby in their uterus. More people are adapting this new alternative nowadays.

Friday, 22 May 2015

Increasing demand of Surrogacy treatments

Demand of Surrogacy treatment is increasing at an alarming rate. Nowadays more people are adapting the technology of artificial fertilization. Many people are now inquiring about the cost of treatment, legal advice etc. It is a good news for those who are unable to conceive or unable to have a baby. But on the other side many surrogates are suffering from various problems after delivering the baby.
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Demand of surrogacy treatment are increasing at an alarming rate. Many clients are inquiring for the treatment cost and legal guidance.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

New and improved medical techniques and technologies

With increasing technologies i think people are actually seeing miraculous things coming true. Lets take the example of recent news related to Sofia Vegara and Nick Loeb. They decided to store their frozen embryos for future. Few decades ago we used to think that this is something imposible or only god can do this. Now technology has made so much advancement that whatever we think or imagine can be somehow, somewhere possible for us. This news was really surprising. In this technology scientist store embryos in the refrigerator so that after an age when couples are unable to conceive this would help them. This is a good news for those people who were busy in making career when they are young and later the consequences of their late marriage.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour Reviews and success story - Video Dailymotion

India's surrogate mothers are risking their lives

Technologies are a major factor behind increasing health isuues

As people are getting more addicted to the technologies they have started disrupting their health. Lets take an example of switching of lights and fans. Now people are using sensors and alarm for doing this. Through your mobile phone you can switch off light, fans and many other appliances. This means you are walking less as compared to past. Instead of going for a walk in park people prefer going to gym. Gym will not harm your body but you are not getting any fresh air which is also an important part of your daily life. Last Friday in second annual wired health conference in London the member of healthcare industry and various other people gathered and discussed about the same problem. Being a doctor I can only give advice. Try being less dependent on technology and focus more on your daily habits.